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Congratulations To our 2016 Club Champions


 Men's Low Gross - Jordan Gustman                        Ladies Low Gross - Carol Petlak
 Men's Low Net - Doug Short                                  Ladies Low Net - Olive Darch
 Sr. Men's Low Gross - Bernie Gustman
 Sr. Men's Low Net - Doug Pobuda
 Junior Boys - Braeden Mitchell

   Junior Boys Flight                                             Ladies 1st Flight
   Low Gross – Braeden Mitchell                             Low Gross - Carol Petlak
   2nd Low Gross – Monty Hart                              Low Net - Olive Darch
   3rd Low Gross – Keenan Mitchell                        2nd Low Gross - Dawn Andrews
   4th Low Gross – George Wollershiem

    Men's Flight                                                     Ladies 2nd Flight                   
    Low Gross - Jordan Gustman                             Low Gross - Berny Jacob
    Low Net - Doug Short                                       Low Net - Margaret Edwards
    2nd Low Gross - Russell Sawatzky                    2nd Low Gross - Karen Bole
    2nd Low Net - Trevor Turner
    3rd Low Gross - Rod Kettles

    SR. Men’s 1st Flight                                       Sr. Men's 2nd Flight
    Low Gross – Bernie Gustman                            Low Gross - Don Manning
    Low Net – Don Schwab                                   Low Net - Mike Thomas
    2nd Low Gross – Bob Young                            2nd Low Gross - Ted Vanlangen
    2nd Low Net – Dennis Simpson                        2nd Low Net - Ray Montpetit
                                                                             3rd Low Gross - Jim Lockhart
    Sr. Men’s 3rd Flight                                        Sr. Men's 4th Flight

    Low Gross – Doug Pobuda                               Low Gross - Tim Parsons
    Low Net – Jack Schmaltz                                  Low Net - Dennis Klyne
    2nd Low Gross – Wilf Gour                              2nd Low Gross - Scotty Patterson
    2nd Low Net – John Cope                                2nd Low Net - Larry Hague


2017 Memberships are now available with no initiation fees.

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