Club News

2021 Club Championship Results

Men's Low Gross Champion - Stephan Adams                         Ladies Low Gross Champion - Sue Gour
Men's Low Net Champion - Trevor Turner                                  Ladies Low Net Champion - Olive Darch
SR. Men's Low Gross Champion - Bernie Gustman
SR. Men's Low Net Champion - Bryon Broderson
Junior Boys Champion - Tristen Mackin

Ladies Flight                                                                        Sr. Men's 1st Flight

Low Gross - Sue Gour                                                        Low Gross - Bernie Gustman
Low Net - Olive Darch                                                         Low Net - Bryon Broderson
2nd Low Gross - Donna Broderson                                   2nd Low Gross - Mike Thrun
2nd Low Net - Carol Petlak                                                 2nd Low Net - Dennis Simpson
3rd Low Gross - Sandy Stewart

Sr. Men's 2nd Flight                                                           Sr. Men's 3rd Flight
Low Gross - Mike Thomas                                                Low Gross - Don Petlak
Low Net - John Stewart                                                     Low Net - Al Odnokon
2nd Low Gross - Ron McEwen                                         2nd Low Gross - Rod Kettles
2nd Low Net - Frank Klein                                                2nd Low Net - Bob Wall

Men's 1st Flight                                      Men's 2nd Flight                                           Junior Boys
Low Gross - Stephan Adams                Low Gross - Keenan Mitchell                    Low Gross - Tristen Mackin
Low Net - Clayton Billyard                    Low Net - Trevor Turner                             2nd Low Gross - Vann Woodman
2nd Low Gross - Brady Egger              2nd Low Gross - Russell Sawatzky
2nd Low Net - Wes Crowe                     2nd Low Net - Chad Rathgeber

Duece Pot Winners
Bernie Gustman       Jill Morkin      Kendra Selk      Donna Broderson
Brady Egger             Stephen Adams          Berny Jacob

Congratulations to Jordan Gustman with the Low Score of 65 on our course at the Southern Alberta Amateur Qualifier on Thursday, July 8.   Good Luck to Jordan as he will be competing at the Alberta Men's Amateur Championship in Calgary on July 27-29.

2021 Hole in 1's

Congratulations to Bryon Broderson For getting a Hole in 1 on Hole # 13 on Monday, September 5.

Congratulations to Jim Lockhart For getting a Hole in 1 on Hole # 8 on Sunday, June 27.

Congratulations to Sue Gour For getting a Hole in 1 on Hole # 4 on Friday, June 11

Congratulations to Dan Rhode for getting the 1st Hole in 1 of the year on Hole # 4
on Monday, May 3.  *(Off the Gold Tees)*